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EXHILARATING: Delan Benobe, Marcos Oliveira

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There is nothing more exhilarating than receiving that call from the guy you have been dreaming about and today Delan Benobe received that call from Marcos Oliveira. Delan heads over to Marcos’ flat and finds him already aroused and high. Delan immediately strips down and saunters over to grasp the big, throbbing dick bulge in Marcos’ underwear. Dropping to his knees, Delan begins sucking on Marcos’ long, cylindrical cock, as he does so he uses his firm lips to push back the foreskin so that Marcos’ throbbing cock head can feel the overwhelming sensation of entering Delan’s throat. Marcos takes his opportunity and begins to seductively suck on Delan’s huge cock, taking his time to feel the full majesty of every inch that passes across his tongue. With his cock soaking wet Delan hangs from the rafters so that Marcos can have full access to his perfectly smooth, muscular ass. Marcos wastes no time and instantly his tongue is licking, probing and pleasuring that perfect ass. Delan and Marcos retire to the sofa where Delan’s legs are spread open and Marcos begins probing his ass with his throbbing cock. Marcos begins slowly to allow Delan to adjust to his boundless cock penetrating his ass, then begins building his rhythm and depth of fucking. The guys swap and this time Marcos lowers his ass down onto Delan’s pounding cock. Marcos takes a slow and deliberate fuck, while Delan goes for a rapid-fire fucking, both styles of fucking have each cock fully engorged and ready to unload. Delan’s cock is reaching deep and massaging Marcos’ ass perfectly as Marcos grabs his rock-solid cock and begins stroking his cock, matching Delan’s rhythm. As both cocks are massaged to the edge of ecstasy, Marcos is the first to get the cum fucked right out of him as it splatters all over his chest and abs. Delan grabs his cock and showers Marcos’ balls with his creamy load of cum before he shoves his pulsating cock back into Marcos’ saturated ass. Now that was an exhilarating raw flip fuck.

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05 Nov 2020

WOW! Great scene, I would love to be a 3rd with these two sexy men. Both cocks are huge and equal in size, twin cocks! It would be a pleasure to feel either of those cocks in my ass, long, deep and masterful fucking at its best.

06 Nov 2020

Hot men, big cocks, great action... Fantastic scene!

12 Dec 2020

Hot men penetration...

Irving Wever
07 Oct 2022

I love MARCOS OLIVIERA, this Brazilian native dude is so hot as hell. His smooth male body, sensitive nipples and his uncut cock and balls are amazing too. Marcos Oliviera enjoy showing his hot ass and get stroking his huge shaft while his friend watching. Hottest man to man encounter with muscular Delan Benobe, who has an amazing body every man could dream off. Marcus Oliveira who is a hot bottom in this video, was ready to take that huge cock. Bring both men soon back again on stage editor Kristen Bjorn !

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