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GOOD COMPANY: Jonathan Miranda, Valentino Sistor

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As Jonathan Miranda is enjoying his morning coffee on the balcony his very sexy neighbor; Valentino Sistor is also enjoying the glorious morning. Luckily for Jonathan, Valentino usually leaves his door unlocked. When Jonathan enters, he finds Valentino in the shower stroking his hard cock. Of course, the only natural thing to do is to join him in the shower. Jonathan sits down and begins sucking on Valentino’s hot cock as the water cascades across their lean, muscular bodies. Valentino swaps up with Jonathan and begins choking down his massive cock as the pleasure fills his throat and Jonathan’s throbbing cock. Jonathan turns and opens his perfect cinnamon colored ass for Valentino to savor and fuck with his hot tongue. As the guys step out of the shower Jonathan bends Valentino over the chair and rams his raw cock deep inside of Valentino’s hungry ass. Jonathan does some cock dipping in and out of Valentino’s strong ass, feeling the muscles latching on for all the pleasure he can get. The guys swap up positions and this time Valentino lowers his ass down onto Jonathan’s pounding cock. Valentino slowly grinds his ass up and down Jonathan’s cock, slowly picking up his pace. Just as the pleasure begins to mount the guys swap it up again. This time Valentino spreads Jonathan’s legs and shoves his cock inside of his tight ass. The intensity he feels deep inside of Jonathan’s ass is too much to bare as he explodes his cum all over his hot hole. One more flip and this time Jonathan is on top of Valentino, fucking him hard and deep. As Jonathan fucks Valentino his balls are slamming against his ass, raising his level of pleasure. With one last thrust Jonathan is creaming Valentino’s ass with his thick load of cum. Jonathan shoves his cum drenched cock back inside of Valentino’s hungry ass. The dilemma is coffee or sex first thing in the morning.

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25 Mar 2021

Jonathan and Valentino are a great match. You can see the chemistry between the two as they swap cock sucking and shooting their loads on each other's ass. I like the term "cock dipping", great description, may I steal it and use it?

26 Mar 2021

Jonathan Miranda is one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen. I am so glad we get a new scene with him!

26 Mar 2021

These cute guys are a great combination, and I can see the chemistry!

01 Nov 2022

Jonathan Miranda is a good looking guy, love his performance in this man to man encounter scene with Valentino Sistor. He has such a hot nude male body, facial beard, perky nipples and his smooth chest and of course his huge uncut banana dick which is so massive. Love to watch how Jonathan is sucking big cock and in the end fucking Valentino Sistor really hard bareback in his ass. I like both latin dudes, hope that they will return soon back to the Kristen Bjorn studios in a next hot scene !

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