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BIG DEAL: Sir Peter, Jonas Brown

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Jonas Brown has been in hot pursuit of Sir Peter and his legendary huge cock and tonight his persistence pays off. Sir greets Jonas with a kiss and the party begins. The passionate kissing leads to a slow, seductive striptease and then the massive, meaty cock of Sir’s bursts forward and impresses all who view it, but for Jonas this is a big deal. Being the perfect host, Sir drops to his knees and begins sucking on Jonas’ dark mahogany cock as Jonas takes Sir’s head into his hands and begins fucking his mouth with his rock-solid cock. Sir’s expert cock sucking skills has Jonas begging for more as he drops to his knees to service his dream cock. Jonas opens wide as Sir begins fucking his throat with his monster cock. Jonas chokes, gags and swallows as much cock as he possibly can and Sir backs off for him to catch his breath, but Jonas has waited too long to pleasure this dream cock. Sir turns Jonas around and begins by making a meal out of his  magnificent ass. Sir’s pink tongue probes, penetrates and titillates that beautiful brown ass, amplifying both men’s desires. As Sir stands up his raging hard-on slips the full length deep inside of Jonas’ hungry ass. Jonas feels the sheer girth of Sir’s cock splitting his ass open beyond anything he has ever felt before. Sir flips Jonas onto his back and continues with the onslaught of deep monster cock fucking. One last flip and Jonas is lowering his ass onto Sir’s straining cock. The men enter into a union of pleasure as both service the other, Jonas with his tight, wet ass and Sir with his huge, fat cock at full strength and full girth pounding away in search of ecstasy. Jonas grinds his ass down hard onto Sir’s monster cock as his own cock erupts with a thick, creamy load of cum. As Jonas unleashes his load his ass muscles grab hold of Sir’s cock and milks his cock for his luscious load of cum. The onslaught of Sir’s cum splatters all over Jonas’ thighs, but Sir shoves his erupting cock back into Jonas and leaves him with an ass full of cum.

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23 Apr 2021

Impossible to read the video !!!!! Am I the only one in this situation ??

23 Apr 2021

There is a technical issue with this scene, and we are looking into this matter now

23 Apr 2021

Thak you for your answer !!!!

23 Apr 2021

Hot combination! Jonas looks great with a big dick in his ass!

12 Jun 2021

Hot scene!

27 Oct 2022

Very nice combo. Sir Peter always does it for me!

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