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SEX BREAKFAST: Oliver Marinho, Delan Benobe

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On a bright and cheery morning Oliver Marinho is the first to awake and heads to the kitchen to prepare the tea, but his mind is still in the bedroom as Delan Benobe rounds the corner and we see why. Delan enters the room seductively wearing only his jock strap and breakfast will have to wait a little longer. Delan reaches down and finds that Oliver’s cock is already full of excitement, so the only thing to do is to drop to his knees and begin sucking on his growing cock. Oliver verbally encourages Delan as the cock sucking gets intense and moves onto a deep face fucking. Delan then takes a seat on the counter and maybe it is time for breakfast as Oliver wraps his lips around the fat cock shaft and brings it to full attention. Jumping off of the counter, Delan presents his ass to Oliver, who immediately plunges his hefty cock deep inside of that hot, raw ass. The guys switch things up and this time Delan squats his ass down onto Oliver’s awaiting cock. As Delan slams his ass down onto Oliver’s cock his own cock is flopping around and filling with pleasure. Another flip and Delan is now on his back with Oliver coming in hard and fast. The guys build a hot rhythm together, as both are rapidly approaching the edge of no return. Oliver’s steady rhythmic fucking has massaged Delan perfectly as he grabs hold of his cock and strokes out a delicious, creamy load of cum. Oliver leans over and laps up the cum on Delan’s abs then sucks his cock dry of any remaining cum. With the taste of hot cum fresh on his tongue, Oliver unleashes his hot load all over Delan’s balls and ass, before shoving his cum soaked cock back inside of Delan’s ass. A Sex Breakfast is always welcomed, followed of course by pancakes!

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07 May 2021

Wow, great scene! I could do with a breakfast like that

10 May 2021

Has the photography budget been cut? Based on the photos alone this is a boring scene.

14 Apr 2024

yummiest thank you

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