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THE SKATER: Apolo Adri, Salvatore Exposito

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On a beautiful, warm spring day Apolo Adri is out in the park skating around when he passes Salvatore Exposito, the glance is exchanged and then the turn of the head to see if he noticed and the cruise is on! Apolo makes a few passes to be sure of Salvatore’s interest before he stops and strikes up a conversation with the sexy man. Small talk turns into a kiss and they are off to Salvatore’s flat, on the way both men are checking each other out, eyeing up what is to be their treats. The guys waste no time in stripping down and Salvatore is immediately on top of Apolo’s sumptuous cock, feeling every centimeter glide across his wet tongue and down his voracious  throat. The downward curve of Apolo’s cock makes it that much easier to slip down Salvatore’s throat, although his hunger to suck cock assures both men lots of pleasure. Salvatore stands upon the sofa and Apolo begins servicing his rock-hard cock, while precariously balancing on his blades. As with all afternoon delights, time is of the essence and with Apolo’s wet cock and Salvatore’s deep yearning, Apolo slips his throbbing cock inside of Salvatore’s hairy hole. As Apolo balances on his skates, it gives him a leverage that allows him to rock back and forth, almost like having Salvatore in a sling. Salvatore is flipped onto all 4’s and Apolo continues with his onslaught of deep, raw ass fucking. Another flip and Apolo gets off of his skates as he takes a seat and Salvatore takes a seat on this raging-hard cock. With each downward thrust, Salvatore’s cock comes that much closer to the optimum of hardness and his balls are drawing up quickly, preparing for an explosion. One last thrust and Salvatore grabs his cock and spays his thick load of cum all over Apolo’s muscular thighs. Just as Salvatore begins spraying his load, Apolo goes into overdrive, ramming his cock deep and hard inside of Salvatore, demanding his cum to spay that much further. Just as Apolo is about to shoot his load, Salvatore jumps off and is there to catch the thick, creamy load of cum gushing from his throbbing, uncut cock. Licking and sucking every delicious morsel. Time to head to the park and see who is skating around!

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06 Aug 2021

Apolo is stud muffin!

20 Aug 2021

Good to see Salvatore again. He is so hot!

12 Oct 2022

I enjoy this video with those 2 gorgeous men Apolo Adri and Salvatore Exposito. After both men got undressed I was surprised to see that hairy and tattoed body of muscular Salvatore. Never saw such hot tattoed body before on a man. This gorgeous guy from Espana, is so hot and he really loves man to man sex encounters with horse hung Apolo Adri. Salvatore who is a hot bottom ready to take that huge banana dick with no problem in his hot ass of horse hung Apolo Adri. Great scene as always Kristen bjorn, love that you bring us those hot sexy and muscular men !!

12 Oct 2022

Kristen bjorn thanks again for bringing us those men as Apolo Adri, a Native from Espana, who has such a hot body every man could dream off. His chest, perky and sensitive nipples are so hot. Apolo loves and enjoy having man to man encounters and enjoy fucking men as Salvatore very hard bardback. Hottest scene ever with Apolo Adri so far and thanks for bringing him on stage..

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