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SIDESWIPED: Andrea Suarez, Gianni Maggio

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On a bright spring day Andrea Suarez is out for a stroll along the lane when Gianni Maggio is out for a run. It must be the weight of Gianni’s monster cock that throws him off balance and causes him to sideswipe Andrea. Andrea is knocked off his feet and Gianni immediately comes to his aid. Gianni is so upset by his actions that he insists that Andrea comes to his nearby apartment to rest and make sure there are no injuries. Along the way Andrea can’t help but notice that massive cock swaying back and forth in Gianni’s sweats. Before they even get into the building, Gianni presses himself against Andrea and begins kissing him aggressively. Once they enter the apartment, they are unable to keep their hands off of each other. The clothing is discarded and the kissing picks up where it had left off. Andrea drops to his knees and begins to suck on the impressive, meaty cock, but Gianni is in control here and pulls his cock out and begins slapping it across Andrea’s face. This cat and mouse cock sucking goes on until Andrea is on all 4’s and his magnificent ass is spread open perfectly, awaiting Gianni. Gianni is more than impressed and begins making a meal out that beautiful ass in front of him. As with the cock sucking, Gianni uses his cock as a tease to Andrea and now it is his ass that is begging for that colossal cock to penetrate deep within his ass. With Andrea’s face buried in the pillows, Gianni is gentle and slowly eases just a fraction of his rock-hard cock into Andrea’s amazing ass. Gianni can sense that Andrea is relaxing and begins to grind his cock deeper and with a more robust rhythm. Andrea is flipped onto his back and Gianni rams his massive cock deep and hard. Another swap and this time Andrea lowers his ass down onto Gianni’s throbbing cock, pounding his ass down every centimeter that seems to never end. With Gianni’s enormous cock massaging his ass like he has never felt before, Andrea is unable to hold out any longer and erupts a huge spay of cum that splatters both of his spread thighs. Gianni jumps up and shoots his load of cum all over Andrea’s face and Andrea sucks up every drop of his cum. I would say this is not only a sideswipe, but an impalement as well.

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30 Sep 2021

You wouldn't know it, because it is an adult film, but the compassion and sensitivity expressed in this film demonstrates that a good top always is aware of and takes care of his bottom. Of Gianni starts our as unaware, but quickly rushes in and saves his man. When it comes to the sex Gianni is very aware that it is going to take some time for Andreas to relax and take his mammoth, monster cock. Although there are some tender moments between these two, there are some rough, wild and intense sex between them as well. Congratulations to Andreas for taking that monster cock all the way to the balls.

02 Oct 2021

Amazing how Andreas Suarez and Andrea Suarez have identical tattoos.

30 Oct 2022

I'd love to see beautiful Andrea Suarez return to KB.

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