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THE BEST OF ME: Max Hilton, Sir Peter

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Max Hilton and Sir Peter are checking out the other’s profile pics carefully because we all put the best of ourselves forward in our profiles and you know you eventually have to show up in person and the truth will always be revealed. Well, these two sexy men have the goods to back up each of their photos. The guys hook up and are thrilled to see that they both match up to what was in the photo and what is live and in person. Max takes a seat next to Sir and then takes his hand and assists him in exploring his muscular body. Max quickly removes his sexy underwear and Sir takes his cock into his hot mouth and begins lavishing him with a deep throat cock sucking. The guys swap positions and Max eyes up Sir’s cock before opening his mouth farther that he has ever done before and sucks in the head of Sir’s monster cock. Max tries his best to suck his way up and down the gigantic width of Sir’s cock shaft, and with sheer determination he keeps sucking. Sir flips Max around and spreads his hairy, muscular ass cheeks revealing his pink pucker hole and then dives in for a taste. Savoring all the delicious flavors swirling around Max’s ass has Sir’s mammoth cock throbbing and hungry for a tight, muscle ass. Max is bent over and Sir begins to gently slip his cock into his ass. Eager and willing, Max quickly finds out just how thick this cock is going to stretch him open. Max yells out in an anguish that is filled with more pleasure than pain and encourages Sir to go further. Sir flips Max onto his side and is able to get a better angle that will accommodate both men. Working on his breathing, Max finds that with each new thrust forward Sir’s cock opens him up that much more. Another swap and this time Max takes more control by squatting his ass down onto Sir’s monster cock. As Max rides the giant his own cock responds by rising to full staff and bouncing about in full satisfaction. Sir’s balls have drawn up tight and are ready to deploy when Max hops off and positions himself to be fed. Before Sir is able to fill him up, Max erupts his thick load of cum in anticipation of tasting Sir’s hot load. Sir’s creamy load of cum saturates Max’s beard before he can get a taste. Always represent the Best of You!

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12 Nov 2021

I love watching Max getting fucked by Sir Peter's huge cock!

14 Nov 2021

Welldone! Great new stuff.
To be continued by maybe a hot flip-fuck scene with Sir Peter and Max Hilton.
Sir Peter should finally get his immaculately beautiful bubble butt spoiled again. If he's not available for a fat cock, then he should at least bend over for a deep tongue fuck, spread his muscular ass cheeks and show off his sizzling-hot hole.
A hot pairing would also be: Sir Peter rimming and pounding Robin Sanchez.
Or a flip-fuck scene with Sir Peter and Gustavo Cruz.
Please try to let these dreams come true ... Thank you very much in advance.

15 Nov 2021

I love watching Max getting fucked by Sir Peter's huge cock too! Hot scene! Max Hilton is always sexy.

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