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THE CAFE: Manuel Skye, Oliver Marinho

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We all know that service industry workers work very hard to serve our needs and today Manuel Skye is eager to give Oliver Marinho a hefty tip. Manuel enjoys the view of Oliver as he comes and goes from his table and decides to be forward and see where it will take him. Oliver agrees to hookup with Manuel and leaves with him after his shift. Back at Manuel’s flat the guys are hot, horny, and hungry for each other. Manuel quickly strips down and Oliver is on his rock-solid cock immediately sucking and swallowing every centimeter of his uncut cock. Oliver gets flipped onto all 4’s and Manuel goes in for a fuck feast with his strong tongue probing and fucking that masculine, muscular ass of Oliver’s. Manuel stands up and rams his raw cock into Oliver’s magnificent ass giving him a smooth, rhythmic fucking as his smooth balls slap up against Oliver’s taught taint. Another swap and Manuel squats his powerful ass down onto Oliver’s awaiting cock. Manuel grinds his sleek ass down hard against Oliver’s pelvis making sure every ounce of cock fills him up. All the rough grinding has massaged Manuel in all the right places and in all the right ways that his rigid cock begins erupting his creamy load of cum as Oliver continues filling his ass with his meaty cock. Oliver is flipped onto his back and Manuel takes his cum slicked cock and slips it into Oliver and begins fucking him hard and deep. All that hot dankness inside of Oliver’s ass pushes him over the edge as Manuel fucks every drop out of his throbbing cock. That is one tip that every server dreams of, but don’t forget to be generous with your cash tip either.

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10 Dec 2021

Wow, very hot scene! There's nothing better than a flip-flop scene with two gorgeous, big dicked studs!

22 Oct 2022

This video is a blockbuster, those 2 handsome dudes Manuel Skye and Oliver Marinho are so hot. I like Oliver Marinho, he becomes my favorite man. He has such a nice facial beard, a hot male body, his nipples are so sensitive and lhis uncut banana dick is so amazing... The passion starts while both men met at a street cafe, while muscular Manuel order some coffee. Both men start kissing each other on their way home... After getting undressed, Oliver Marinho start sucking that huge uncut banana dick of Manuel Skye while he strokes his uncut dick. Was so hot the moment when Manuel Skye fucks Oliver very hard bareback . Oliver Marinho was able to take that huge shaft in his ass and enjoy riding that huge banana dick. Editor Strongboli bring both men soon back on stage ! Love this video.

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