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MASTER: Max Hilton, Samuel Redx

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Master Max Hilton is about to put Samuel Redx through the range of obedience, control, and pleasure as his sub. As Samuel enters the room the commands begin and he is instructed to strip down, put your leather jock strap on, put your harness on and show me just how hot you are and how hungry you are to pleasure me. “On your knees”, smell my leather jock, taste it, feel my hot cock growing from within. Max releases his smooth ball sac as Samuel laps them up and savors the taste and smell of sweat and leather. Releasing his hard cock, Max feeds it to Samuel, controlling his greedy need to suck it with unabandoned desire. Using his gloved hands, Max controls Samuel’s rapacious pace as both men enjoy Samuel’s talented, wet mouth. Samuel is pushed onto his back as Max spits and probes his hole with his gloved finger. Enough play for this sub, Max is hungry and strips the jock off of Samuel, bends him over and rams his rock-hard cock deep into his submissive ass. Max’s balls are undulating back and forth heavily as they begin filling with his seed. Each deep thrust makes his cock that much harder and his ball sac that much heavier. Swapping positions, Samuel is permitted to lower his hairy ass down onto Master’s throbbing cock and ride him hard. Samuel gets flipped onto his back and Max thrusts his cock deep into his hungry hole. Max picks up his pace and begins fucking Samuel with an aggressiveness as he feels Samuel’s ass muscles tighten around his penetrating cock. Another deep thrust and Samuel’s cock erupts with an explosive load of cum and his ass muscles grip Master’s cock as if to never let go. That final clench, the exploding cum sends Max over the edge as he allows his thick, creamy load of cum to drool out of his pulsating cockhead. Max squeezes out a huge glob of cum onto his gloved finger and inserts one last gift to his sub, Samuel. Master is always in control, but is never the owner.

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07 Jan 2022

These two muscle hunks are hot as fuck!

12 Feb 2022

Two BEAUTIFUL muscle hunks, the SCENT OF MEN, THE SCENT OF LEATHER, GREAT OPENING MUSIC, more like this plz Kristen, I can EDGE FOR HOURS watching this...groups plz....

24 Oct 2022

It was love at first sight when I saw this new movie with horse hung SAMUEL REDX. this guy becomes my favorite latino man.. His male body is amazing hot... After both guys met at Max's house, both getting undressed. I could not believe what I saw. Samuel Redx his hairy chest is so hot and he has such sexy perky and sensitive nipples too. I enjoy nipple play and those sensitive and perky nipples of Samuel Redx, really turns me on for sure. SAMUEL REDX as a bottom, he really enjoys a hot man to man encounter with muscular and good looking MAX HILTON, who fucked him really hard bareback..... I can say that both men have massive uncut banana dicks which they all enjoy sucking big cock. MAX HILTON, really enjoy sucking off that huge cock of SAMUEL REDX for sure... Hottest bareback scene ever...Editor Strongboli want to see those handsome guys, soon back on stage, Both are my favorite man at KB !!

29 Oct 2022

Hottest duo ever seen at KB with Max Hilton and Samuel Redx. Both men are horse hung, their uncut banana dicks are really massive and huge. Their nude male bodies are amazing hot that hot muscular body and chest of Samuel Redx, his perky nipples are so hot to see. like those suckable nipples of Samuel.. Bring both men soon back on stage in another bareback scene

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