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BREAKING THE ICE: Kyle Fox, Oskar Ivan

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As Kyle Fox is at home playing a game on his cell Oskar Ivan returns home and is frustrated, he cannot get Kyle’s attention. Oskar strips down and returns to the living room with a rainbow-colored ice treat, that he uses to capture Kyle’s attention as he works his lips up and down the frozen treat.

Kyle can see Oskar’s talents being wasted on the ice treat and decides to replace it with his huge cock. Oskar gets what he wanted when he first walked in the door, to suck on that magnificent cock of Kyle’s.

Oskar gets flipped onto all 4’s and Kyle starts running the ice treat along Oskar’s furry ass creating a hot and frozen sweet treat that he indulges himself with. The ice treat is melting fast and Kyle focuses on the hot, furry treat instead. Oskar is turned onto his side and Kyle is behind him, slipping his massive cock inside of the sweet, dripping ass of Oskar.

With another flip, Oskar is upside down on the sofa and Kyle is plunging his stiff rod deep inside of that magnificent, furry hole. Kyle has a sweet tooth and wants another taste of that sweet, furry ass of Oskar’s. Kyle licks, sucks and fucks Oskar’s ass until Oskar is propelled over the edge with intense pleasure that his cum flies all over his furry chest and abs. Kyle scoops up Oskar’s sweet treat and feeds him some before flipping him over and ramming his hard cock back inside of his sweetened ass.

Building his rhythm, Kyle works himself up to a full-on ass fucking that leads him directly to the edge of explosive pleasure. One last thrust and Kyle is exploding huge globes of creamy cum that dribble all over Oskar’s sweet ass. Kyle beats his cock against Oskar’s ass as the last of his creamy load drools onto Oskar’s hairy ass, then licks that hot ass clean of his own cum. Now that is how we like Breaking the Ice.

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17 Jun 2022

Man I love Kyle! He can do no wrong in my book. Oskar is also a gorgeous guy and a fantastic bottom.

17 Jun 2022

Kyle and Oskar are a perfect combination! Very hot1

09 Aug 2022

Kyle Fox knows how to eat a nice ass & he's got a HOTT chorizo w a HUGE MUSHROOM & he knows how to use it>

09 Aug 2022

Sooooo nice to watch Kyle's huge thick shaft stretchopen a hungry pussy!

09 Aug 2022

LOOOVE the swallowing; this is what real men do!

27 Oct 2022

I love this great man to man encounter "Breaking the Ice" video with those 2 hot men, hairy chested Oskar Ivan and muscular Kyle Fox. Both men become my favorites and have gorgeous bodies. As soon as both men got undressed I was surprised to see how sexy both guys are. I like the close up poses and screen shots of both guys kissing and showing their hot nude male bodies. Expert Kyle FOX, in this video, is my man, he has such hot sensitive and perky nipples too. and his uncut banana dick is so massive. What a moment when Kyle Fox fucks Oskar Ivan really hard bareback with his massive banana dick...Good looking Oskar Ivan and Kyle Fox are the best couple ever seen at Kristen Bjorn, thanks Strongboli !

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