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SEXERCISE: Serg Shepard, Dani Brown

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Serg Shepard and Dani Brown are taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather to take their exercise routing outdoors. While Serg is doing his stretching he is unable to take his eyes off of Dani, as he is jumping rope and his thick meat is on full display. Being exhibitionists is no problem for these guys, but maybe not so much for the neighbors, so they move exercising indoors.

Since moving indoors there exercise routine has turned into a sexercise. Serg quickly strips Dani of his shorts and shoves that meaty cock deep into his mouth. Working his mouth up and down the long cock shaft is one of those exercises that we all love.

Dani takes control of this sexercise routine and spreads Serg’s legs wide open, exposing that hot pink pucker hole. Dani moves right in and begins fucking that hot hole with his forceful tongue. Dani goes back forth from eating ass to plunging his cock balls deep into that moist ass, before settling in on his rhythm.

Dani has worked up a lot of sweat and decides to flip with Serg and Serg is more than happy to jump on top of his hefty cock. Serg is an aggressive fucker and treats himself to an enthusiastically rambunctious fucking. This proves to be the perfect position for Serg as he slams his ass down hard and his cock explodes with a  huge load of cum.

Serg pops off of Dani’s throbbing cock just in time to be fed his heavy load of cum that is flying all over the place. Serg quickly begins sucking Dani’s cock clean of all the cum then moves to licking his ripped abs that are also coated in thick globs of cum. Sex is always the best exercise!

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10 Sep 2022

I like to see those men fucking bareback with those Big Cock

10 Sep 2022

I like to see those men fucking bareback with those Big Cock MMMM

10 Sep 2022

I love to see a hot white ass being fucked bareback. When I learned that young Serg is from Ukraine my heart went out to him. The way his white ass sucks in the big cock of Dani's is a true pleasure to watch and then get to watch him suck Dani's cock clean of his cum was an added bonus.

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