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HYPNOSEX: Gianni Maggio, Oskar Ivan

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Oskar Ivan seeks out some assistance with his anxiety from Gianni Maggio, Gianni has a new procedure that he believes will cure Oskar. Oskar is instructed to close his eyes and when he opens them, he finds the most mesmerizing, hypnotic, and astounding monster cock he has ever seen in his life.

Oskar is enthralled by that magic wand that has hypnotized him. He is unable to look away and the deepest of his desires are rushing to the surface. He has never seen a monster cock look so elegant, strong, demanding and seducing.

As the guys strip down, Oskar can only think about how to pleasure that monster. He reaches out and grabs hold of it then places his lips around it and begins sucking it, every last centimeter that he can shove down his throat. His desire for pleasure has him push past his limits and to deeper pleasures.

Oskar does a flip onto the sofa, landing him on his shoulders and Gianni takes full advantage of the position and begins feasting on Oskar’s magnificent, furry ass. Gianni uses his tongue to lap at, lick and fuck that incredible ass that is given up to him as an offering.

Gianni grabs hold of Oskar’s ankles and gently lowers his ass down to cock level. As Gianni presses his huge cock head against Oskar’s hole his eyes pop wide open in amazement that this gigantic cock is piercing his ass. Gianni slowly guides his cock deeper as Oskar sucks in as much air as possible and soon relaxes as Gianni pulls out and then thrusts his cock back inside. Oskar’s pleasure is on full display as we witness the full granite firmness of his erect cock.

Gianni suggests another position and this time Oskar is on all 4’s spreading his hole open, giving a glimpse of the pleasure that lies within. Gianni rams his cock in and out of Oskar’s ass showing us each time the sheer pleasure that he feels within that hot, wet ass.

With Oskar still on all 4’s Gianni rises up to a higher level to get a better leverage to go deeper. Gianni picks up his rhythm giving Oskar the fucking of his life.

Another flip and Oskar is back on his shoulders with Gianni’s cock coming down into him harder than before, driving his desires for more off of the charts. Gianni can no longer resist the allure emanating from Oskar’s ass. Gianni slips past the point of no return and begins to shower his milky load of cum onto Oskar’s ass. Oskar holds his ass open so that Gianni can deposit his load directly inside of him. Oskar grabs hold of Gianni’s drenched cock and begins sucking all the remaining cum from it as he begins shooting his heavy load of cum all over his furry thigh.

Don’t you love when a monster cock hypnosexes you?

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07 Oct 2022

Great scene! I would love to be hypnotized by Gianni's monster cock! Congrats to Oskar for being able to handle it!

07 Oct 2022

Wuauuu Nice Big and fat cock!

07 Oct 2022

Gianni uses his monster cock to hypnotize Oskar and devour him like anacondas do with their succulent prey. I think with Gianni's dick any kind of mental block is open forever lol Great scene!

07 Oct 2022

Hot scene !!

08 Oct 2022

I love big dicks!

06 Jan 2024

Amazing - more like this please

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