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REWIND: Justin Jett, Thiago Da Silva

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A chance meeting like this only happens to us once in a lifetime, such as the time that Justin Jett and Thiago Da Silva just happened to cross paths with each other on the street one day. The chemistry that is too strong to deny, the electric that flows between us is undeniable and we are caught in its captivation.

The desire takes hold as Justin and Thiago are drawn together on the street and an embrace becomes a kiss that is the catalyst to so much more.

The guys return to Thiago’s flat and the kiss continues as the clothes are stripped away and the desire only grows as the flesh is revealed, touched, explored, and enjoyed. Both men’s cocks are released and Thiago takes Justin’s growing cock into his warm mouth. Thiago takes the full length of Justin’s cock into his mouth as he feels the mans fleshy cock grow inside of him.

Justin flips over and presents his hot, pink hole to Thiago, who immediately begins probing, licking, and fucking that perfect pucker with his hot, wet tongue.

The guys flip again and this time it is Justin that is sucking on Thiago’s huge cock, feeling it grow ever harder and longer as it presses at the back of his throat. As Justin is sucking on Thiago’s mighty cock, Thiago notices that Justin is grinding his cock and ass into the sofa and decides it is time.

Justin flips around and Thiago kisses his ass before pressing his cock head against his moist hole and then thrusts the entire length of his cock up Justin’s eager ass. Thiago immediately begins fucking Justin with a smooth, well-paced fucking that heightens both men’s pleasure.

Changing up positions, Justin now squats his smooth ass down onto Thiago’s throbbing cock. Justin rides his ass up and down the hard cock shaft, filling his hole with pure pleasure.

Another flip and Justin has Thiago on his back and is feasting on his smooth, hungry hole. Justin rises up and thrusts his cock in and out of Thiago’s ass, bring both men that much closer to the edge of no return. Justin’s cock has massage Thiago’s ass perfectly as he erupts with a creamy load of cum. Justin reaches down for some of Thiago’s cum and as he is eating it the flavor causes him to explode his hot load deep inside of Thiago’s ass. Like any great film, this will be on rewind in both their minds for years to come.

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23 Dec 2022

Wow, very hot scene! Both men are super hot, and the sex has all that you could want!

12 Jan 2023

OMG, I am in love with Justin Jett! he is so masculine, versatile, sexy and sexual. It is always my pleasure to watch such a hot man be so versatile and so good at it. Please, please, please show me more of Justin. If you could connect me with him I promise to pleasure him all the time.

15 Jan 2023

Justin's cock hair and manhole are manscaped to perfection.

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