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FOCUS ON ME: Andre Cruise, Lucio Saints

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Lucio Saints has decided to take on a temporary flat mate, Andre Cruise, but the housecleaning needs to be done and Andre has studying to do. Both men go about their business caught up in their own tasks.

While Lucio does his chores, Andre is distracted by the noise and investigates. He sees that Lucio makes housecleaning fun and enticing. Lucio invites Andre in for a closer inspection and that closeness brings all the focus onto Lucio.

The guys quickly strip down and Andre immediately goes for Lucio’s huge, throbbing cock. Andre opens wide and starts sucking hard, eager to please Lucio. Of course, Lucio is very accommodating with his guidance, instructions, and encouragement to go for it all, which is exactly what Andre does.

Lucio flips Andre onto all 4’s and begins feasting on his magnificent pink, smooth hole. Lucio pry’s that hot ass open with his fingers and tongue as he languishes in all that sumptuousness.

Andre stands up and gets a quick cock sucking before lying on the sofa as Lucio rams his cock in and out of his ass. Lucio continues with testing and teasing Andre’s ass by shoving the full length of his cock deep inside then pulling out completely. Andre’s ass is a true measure of his talents.

Another swap and this time Andre squats down onto Lucio’s incredible cock as his own rock-hard cock sways and flops around with building pleasure. The guys work in unison to bring the full focus on pleasure.

Making a slight adjustment to their position, Andre continues squatting and fucking himself on Lucio’s huge cock. His own cock has grown stronger, harder, and ready for an explosion. But there is too much fucking to be had before that happens.

One last flip and Andre is bent over the sofa as Lucio picks up the pace and is fucking fast and furious. The voracity of Lucio’s fucking brings both men closer and closer to the edge of no return.

Lucio has reached his climax and creams Andre’s ass and balls with his smooth, milky load of cum that coats his ass, taint, and balls. Lucio shoves his erupting cock back inside of Andre’s ass and dumps the last of his explosion deep inside. Andre flips over and shoots his hot load of cum all over his ripped abs. The focus in this house is pleasure.

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02 Feb 2023

I am so happy to see that you have the wonderful story telling for your films. this seems to have become a lost art and it is great to see it here. The allure of telling a story only heightens ones senses and is a marvelous prelude to the film to come. Anyone not reading these stories is missing out on half of the full experience. It is magical to stimulate more than just the visual aspect of your masterpieces. It is an artform to say so much more that "so and so fucks so and so, enjoy." Congratulations on maintaining class, style and a well versed experience. I must say that this was a very hot sex scene and the cum shots at the end are mouthwatering!

03 Feb 2023

Very hot scene! It's great to see Lucio in action again! Especially with the ripped, handsome, nordic, clean shaven, tattoo-free Andre. MORE SCENES WITH ANDRE, PLEASE!

04 Feb 2023

It's unusual to see dirty porn with class and style. and see an he storyline that cares about not treating the viewer as mentally retarded, LOL thanks Kristen. The contrast of the physiques couple is very exciting, Lucio's cock couldn't be more incredible and Andre's pink hole is a fucking temple for pleasure. Scenes like this give me a constant boner.

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