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THE RIGHT PLACE: Paco Rabo, Lucio Saints, Blue Eyes XL, Ares

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Lucio Saints and Ares are having a drink at a local bar where Paco Rabo is bartending and BlueEyes XL arrives for a drink as well.

Blue notices on the monitor above the bar that Paco is in a sling getting fucked. Blue questions Paco if that is really him, Paco affirms it is him then pops on top of the bar in his jock strap and does the splits. Paco turns around and gives all the guys a hot look at his sexy, hairy ass.

Lucio and Ares are turned on by the show and Ares begins sucking on Lucio’s monster cock. While Lucio’s cock is growing in Ares’ mouth, Blue puts his lips to Paco’s ass and begins probing with his darting tongue.

Paco jumps off of the bar and begins sucking on Blue’s smooth cock, bringing it to full attention. The guys move closer together and Paco kicks one foot up onto the bar and Lucio begins feeding him his monster cock down his throat while Blue rams his raw cock into that hot, hairy hole. Paco gets skewered from both ends with hot cocks.

The guys move to a dark room and Lucio begins slamming his massive cock deep inside of Paco’s ass. Ares lays down and Blue begins fucking his smooth, muscular ass. Ares and Paco begin kissing each other while their asses are being banged hard.

Time for a swap and Paco squats his ass down onto Lucio’s throbbing cock and guides Blue’s cock inside for a raw double penetration. Ares moves into position and begins face fucking Paco. Paco handles all three men and their impressive cocks all at once.

Paco’s ass and mouth are driving all the guys wild and Blue is the first to explode his huge load of cum all over Paco’s hairy ass and Lucio’ pulsating cock. Lucio continues to fuck Paco with his cum slicked cock before he jumps off and feeds his hot, thick, creamy load into Ares and Paco’s mouths. Lucio has enough cum to feed two hungry men. Paco and Ares then take their turns shooting their loads of cum all over Paco’s hairy abs.

It's all about timing and being in The Right Place at the right time!

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02 Mar 2023

So glad to see Kristen Bjorn returning to his roots of hot group scenes. Paco is a fantastic addition to the Kristen Bjorn corral of hot studs. The hot, raw, double penetration is amazing to watch, Paco's talents run deep!

T Michael
03 Mar 2023

Wow, I wasn’t expecting that !! ??

03 Mar 2023

I love double penetrations, and Paco Rabo is the perfect bottom to get double fucked!

03 Mar 2023

It's very exciting to see real men giving their all, Paco is very sexy and Lucio knows how to use his tool properly. It is very pleasant to see different types of scenes on the web, thanks Kristen, More please.

03 Mar 2023

I have been missing foursome scenes like this one. They are always hot and make us remember the classic Bjorn foursomes (like the oiled foursome in Male Tales for example). Loved that.

09 Mar 2023

I'd just like to point out how insanely hot it was to see Paco mount Lucio's enormous cock, and then take Blue Eyes' cock as well. His back was arched and enjoyed both those cocks while sucking Ares'.

The bottoms that Kristin is casting in these scenes are next-level anal conoisseurs and it's beautiful to watch!

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