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DONE DEAL: Aiden Tyler, Lucio Saints

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Aiden Tyler is out shopping for a special piece of art for his home and meets with Lucio Saints the dealer of the antique shop. Lucio shows Aiden several worthy pieces, but it is Lucio’s massive cock that really gets Aiden’s attention.

Aiden drops to his knees and begins sampling the offering. As Lucio’s cock enters his mouth, Aiden can feel the fleshy shaft filling his mouth as it reaches for the back of his throat. Aiden is more than impressed and takes every centimeter Lucio has to offer.

Lucio closes the shop for the afternoon and he and Aiden head back to his flat. The guys quickly strip down and Aiden resumes his cock sucking, but this time Lucio’s cock has risen to it’s full hardiness, length, fatness and strength. Aiden is an eager cock sucker and Lucio puts him to the test by ramming his cock deep inside of Aiden’s throat and then holding his head in place. Aiden is eager for more.

Aiden flips to all 4’s and Lucio spreads his furry ass cheeks and delves in and begins lapping, licking and fucking that hot pink hole with his probing tongue. The musk radiating from the fur on Aiden’s ass turns Lucio on and his cock miraculously seems to grow in size and strength.

With Aiden as horny as he is and his ass as wet as it is, it is time for Lucio to mount him. Lucio rises up and slams his massive cock full length into Aiden’s hungry hole. Lucio plunges his cock in and out of Aiden’s ass, making sure that he feels every last centimeter splitting his ass open.

Lucio takes a seat and Aiden follows suit as he lowers his ass onto Lucio’s throbbing cock. Lucio gets two handfuls of ass cheek and spreads them wide as Aiden begins gyrating up and down that pulsating cock.

Lucio’s balls have grown huge, heavy, and full so it is time for another flip. This time Aiden is on his back as Lucio takes his ankles into his hands and spreads him wide open. With Aiden’s ass fully exposed and open Lucio rams his cock all the way to his heaving balls.

Aiden’s fuck canal is so hot and wet that Lucio is fighting to hold on and fuck his ass as long as possible. Lucio is relentless as Aiden’s ass does everything within its power to milk Lucio of his load. One last thrust and Lucio is showering Aiden’s ass with his thick, creamy load of cum. Still erupting, Lucio shoves his cock back inside of Aiden. Lucio massages Aiden ass until he reaches his own climax that coats his furry abs and chest. Lucio’s sales tactics have made this a Done Deal!

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30 Mar 2023

I will watch anything that Lucio Saints is in. His animal magnetism is so enthralling. This is one man that knows how to have sex, knows how to pleasure his partner, knows exactly how to play to the camera, and when he looks into the camera, you know he is looking directly at you! Aiden is a great scene mate for Lucio and both men know how to pleasure the other. Thank you for this must see scene!

31 Mar 2023

Aiden Tyler is so sexy! I love watching him getting fucked. He sure knows how to handle a huge cock!

T Michael
01 Apr 2023

Lucio certainly knows how to take care of business.

01 Apr 2023

"It's a pleasure to see such an interesting combination, one provides the appropriate tool and the other has innate beauty and a captivating gaze. Fantastic scene."

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