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BEAUTY: Andre Cruise, Justin Jett

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As the saying goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” as Andre Cruise and Justin Jett discover as they gaze into each other’s eyes in the middle of the street. Andre and Justin are smitten with what they see in the other and the sparks fly.

The guys head off to Justin’s flat to explore all the beauty that could not be seen on the street. Immediately upon entry the seductive kissing begins and leads to clothes being stripped away. Andre is intrigued and impressed by the bulge jutting out from beneath Justin’s underwear and is eager to explore further.

Justin strips Andre of his underwear as his ragging hard-on juts out and demands attention. Justin parts his lips for Andre’s smooth, firm cock begins probing its way across Justin’s tongue and to the back of his throat. Andre changes positions with Justin and begins sucking on meaty cock that is demanding a lot of attention.

Andre lies back and spreads his ass cheeks open revealing his magnificent, pink pucker hole. Justine wastes no time and immediately begins probing that perfect hole with his hot tongue. The sensation engulfing Justin’s tongue reverberates across his tongue and explodes with pleasure throughout his entire body as he begins tongue fucking Andre.

The pleasure that has built up inside of Justin has taken hold and his only focus is ramming his throbbing cock deep inside of Andre’s hungry hole. Justin quickly picks up his rhythmic fucking as the intense sensation of Andre’s ass takes hold of him.

Another flip and Justin demands that Andre fuck him now! Andre rams his raw cock deep within Justin’s awaiting hole. Justin demands more and Andre grants his wish fucking him at a fevered pitch, ramming his hard cock in and out of Justin’s ravenous ass.

Another flip and this time Andre squats down onto Justin’s throbbing cock. The pleasure continues building as Andre rams Justin’s cock deep inside of himself as his own cock flops around with each deep thrust.

Andre looks deep into Justin’s seductive eyes as he grinds down hard onto Justin’s cock and begins stroking out his creamy load of cum that glazes both of their meaty thighs. Andre spins around and continues riding Justin’s cock, milking him for his hot load of cum. Andre comes off of Justin’s cock just in time for us to watch his gorgeous cock erupt his creamy load.

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27 Apr 2023

Andre is smooth perfection. Gorgeous!!

29 Apr 2023

Justin is one fucking hot daddy!

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