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WATER ME: Scott Carter, Andre Cruise

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Heading out of town, Scott Carter asks his neighbor Andre Cruise to water his plants while he is gone. Andre is watering the plants when he is startled as Scott comes home unannounced. Scott, being the sexy fucker that he is begins stripping and seducing Andre. Scott suggests that Andre water him instead.

With all the summer heat the guys decide to water each other down to cool off. Cooling off is not happening as the water drips across Scott’s hairy, muscular torso, his cock only grows that much more. Andre drops to his knees and begins lapping at Scott’s plump cock, tasting the mix of water and the pungency of man sweat. Scott decides he should reward his neighbor for helping him out and begins to water him down as well. Andre soaks up all the moisture and seductively lets it flow across his lips and tongue.

All this watering has really turned both men on as the take each other in their arms and begin kissing passionately while their hands explore one another. Scott moves Andre to the floor, spreads his magnificent ass and is impressed with how spectacular it all is. Andre squats over Scott so that he can soak up a much better view which leaves  Scott with only one option, to begin feasting on Andre’s wet hole as if it were the last feast of his life.

Andre and Scott flip and Andre begins sucking and savoring the rock-hard cock filling his mouth and throat. Scott grabs hold of Andre’s head and starts fucking his mouth. Andre responds with full desire and need, hungry for cock like he has never experienced before.

Scott flips Andre down onto the sofa and comes in from behind and rams his raw cock up Andre’s wet ass. Andre demands that Scott fuck him with his big cock, and Scott responds by slamming his cock harder and deeper.

The guys lean to their sides as we can better see that granite cock and hairy balls fucking Andre’s smooth, pink hole. Andre becomes very verbale demanding that Scott fuck him deep.

Changing things up a bit, Andre squats his ass down onto Scott’s aggressive cock letting him know just how much he loves riding his cock as his ass reaches down and feels those hairy balls tickling his smooth ass cheeks. Scott’s cock has massaged Andre perfectly and its not long before Andre is shooting his thick, creamy load of cum all over Scott’s massive, hairy chest. With Andre’s ass gripping Scott’s cock with a strength full of pleasure, Scott pulls out and dumps his load onto Andre’s smooth balls and thighs. Everything grows with a little water!

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14 Jul 2023

It's such a turn-on to see these two hot men pleasure one another. Scott, the perfect hairy daddy, and Andre, the perfeect smooth bottom, who knows how to service a big daddy dick. Great scene!

14 Jul 2023

Where are the downloads options ?

14 Jul 2023

They are above the description

01 Aug 2023

LOVE scott carter !!!

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