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RUSSKIS: Sergey Blue, Nik Fros

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Two Russkis enter, who will dominate who, as Sergey Blue and Nik Fros enter the room. Nik has arrived to repair Sergey’s chandelier. As Nik ascends the ladder the view of his hot ass is not missed on Sergey’s gazing eyes. Sergey finds that Nik has more than one screwdriver that will come in very handy with this repair.

While Nik is still on the ladder, Sergey unzips his work uniform exposing Nik’s growing, uncut, fat cock. Just the screwdriver Sergey was looking for. Sergey wastes no opportunity and begins sucking on that meaty cock. Nik grabs hold of Sergey’s head and begins face fucking him, bring a deep pleasure to both men. Sergey brings Nik to full girth and length before he climbs down from the ladder.

Nik bends Sergey over and begins to feast on that furry ass, spreading Sergey’s muscle mounds apart and tongue fucking his ass. Sensing that Sergey is extremely horny, Nik rams his fat cock deep inside of that furry, pink ass. Sergey pushes his ass back onto Nik’s throbbing cock and the two, hairy, muscle Daddies work in unison with this fucking position.

Being pushed to the floor, Sergey lies on his side as Nik begins fucking with a much more vigorous manner. This position is working perfectly for both men as they grow closer to the edge with each new deep thrust of Nik’s swelling cock.

Deep ass Daddy fucking has reached its crescendo as Sergey lies back in Nik’s arms as Nik pinches his nipples and Sergey sucks on Nik’s pulsating cock. With all that attention and pleasure, Sergey shoots his thick globs of cum onto his furry abs. Nik begins jacking his cock and makes sure to feed Sergey his hot load of cum.

Just because a man is a bottom does not dictate whether he is dominate or not, play with a dominate bottom and raise your sexual experience to a new level.

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21 Sep 2023

I love watching 2 hot, hairy daddies fucking! I agree, just because you are a bottom does not mean you are passive. I've had many tops tell me I am too aggressive, loser tops.

21 Sep 2023

I prefer the other director, Strongboli. There is much more passion and attention to detail in his films.

22 Sep 2023

I'm glad to see Seguey back and getting plowed by Nik- Both these men are major hunks, and I look forward to seeing more of them soon

23 Sep 2023

Is there a reason that Nik does not suck Sergey's cock? I know that he does suck in other films.

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