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HUNTER-HUNTED: Magnus Loki, Gianni Gio

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As a gay person we have all learned the importance of being “street smart” and Magnus Loki has noticed that his new neighbor, Gianni Gio has been making him feel a little uncomfortable. Taking control of the situation Magnus confronts his “hunter” and calls him out. Fortunately, this time the “hunted” is pleased to find out that he is not going to be rolled, but rather he is going to be incredibly pleased with his new neighbor.

The guys return to Magnus’ apartment and quickly begin stripping down to their underwear. Gianni takes Magnus into his strong arms and begins kissing him with his firm, unwavering lips. Magnus feels a sense of weakness in his knees under his new neighbors forceful kisses and unyielding embrace. Both men’s cocks have become monoliths of flesh.

Magnus drops to his knees, takes Gianni’s chestnut colored cock in hand, and starts gorging on the magnificent cock in front of him. Magnus’ cock sucking skills have brought Gianni’s cock to a level of firmness that has him gasping for air as the pleasure floods throughout his body.

Gianni switches positions with Magnus and sees that his salmon-colored cock is glistening with his spit as he retracts the foreskin and takes it deep into his mouth. Magnus flicks his nipples and the combination of his nipples and cock have connected, like an explosion of lightening making a direct hit.

Bending Magnus over, Gianni spreads the peach open to expose the beautiful, pink pucker hole in the center. Gianni plunges his firm, wet tongue deep inside, feeling the light blond hairs tickling his nose as he drives deeper into the pleasure hole.

With Magnus in position, wet and open, Gianni stands up and submerses his throbbing cock deep inside of that primmed pucker hole. Magnus’ cock bounces with each of Gianni’s cock thrusts and both men are being filled with ecstasy.

A quick switch up and Magnus lowers his ass onto Gianni’s beating cock. Magnus rams his ass up and down the solid cock as his own cock is flopping and slapping against his torso with each stride.

Another switch and this time Magnus lifts his leg up and places his foot on the wall above his head. This gives Gianni perfect and complete access to his awaiting ass. Gianni slams that ass hard as his balls are drawing up tight.

One last maneuver and Magnus is on his back, legs spread and Gianni sinks his cock in and out of Magnus. Magnus’ ass is twitching around Gianni’s cock, so Gianni pulls out and begins eating the fuck-drenched ass, tasting all the sweetness emanating from within. One last flicker of Gianni’s tongue and Magnus is exploding his thick, creamy cum onto his ripped abs. Gianni mixes his load of cum with Magnus’ and the Hunter – Hunted have become one.

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29 Feb 2024

Fucking hot scene! I am in love with Gianni, he has such an incredible cock. The color, the size, the length and I'm sure the taste and smell are equally perfect. Magnus is a fortune man to ride that cock!

01 Mar 2024

Wonderful scene, the couple has a lot of chemistry and couldn't be more attractive. Two thumbs up!

01 Mar 2024

Hot AF scene! Really impressed with the latest crop of new modelo! Keep the hot scenes cumming;)

02 Mar 2024

I love the contrasts of this hot couple, as well as the fucking hot sex! Great scene!

03 Mar 2024

More please.

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