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BUMP INTO: Samuel Blanco, Felipe Teleas

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Felipe Teleas is cruising the local shopping center when he bumps into an old fuckbuddy, Samuel Blanco. Felipe leads Samuel back to his apartment where they pick up exactly where they left off, ready for round two of some hardcore sex.

Samuel and Felipe begin with kissing, stripping, and fondling each other. As the clothes are stripped away the heat is rising along with the bulges in their underwear. These two have quit the foot fetish as they lick and suck each other’s toes and feet.

Felipe strips Samuel of his underwear and takes his growing uncut cock into his mouth. Taking Samuel’s cock deep into his mouth, Felipe can feel the meaty flesh grow and radiate heat along with a strong aura of lust and passion. Samuel strips Felipe of his underwear, revealing his smooth, meaty cock. Taking Felipe’s fat cock into his hand, Samuel begins servicing and worshipping the big cock growing in his hungry mouth.

Samuel gets flipped over and Felipe dives in tongue first into that hot, smooth, pink hole. Felipe gives Samuel a thorough and expert ass eating as he strokes his fat cock.

With his ass perfectly primmed and Felipe’s cock throbbing, Felipe rams his raw cock deep inside of Samuel’s hot ass. Felipe rams his fat cock in and out of Samuel’s ass, letting him feel every last bit of his hefty cock descending upon his sweet ass.

Samuel gets flipped onto his shoulders and Felipe comes in from above, shoving his cock down into Samuel’s talented ass. Felipe continues with his in and out thrusts and Samuel is living for every last inch.

Getting lowered onto his back, legs still spread wide, Felipe continues with his fat cock fucking. Felipe’s fucking has Samuel’s cock throbbing and Samuel’s ass has Felipe’s cock throbbing as well. The fucking has reached a fevered pitch and Felipe explodes over the edge as his cum flies all over Samuel’s ass. Just as the last drops of Felipe’s cum spray out Samuel shoots his hot, creamy load of cum all over his abs.

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25 Apr 2024

I know I am not the "norm", but I really like a thick Daddy (Felipe). There's just something about a thick, juicy piece of meat splitting you ass open that truly raises the level of lust and hunger. Thick meat for me!!!

26 Apr 2024

Samuel has the mischievous look of someone who is constantly getting into trouble lol more please

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