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Server problems?
23/03/11 06:53:21

I have tried clicking on clips today in various sections of the site.  When I click on play they all show an error that says something like "Server not found."  Otherwise my internet connection is working fine.  Is anyone else experiencing this?

Name: Limbo
Answer num: 1
29/03/11 12:15:36

A week ago, we were forced to make a massive migration of all our website content to a new server. The migration was overall sucessfull, but there were a few glitches with the videos and the Live Chat durring the first days. I think that everything is back to normal now. We're sorry for the inconvenience!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
16/04/11 08:16:22

I just purchased one of your full lenght movie and received an e-mail with a link to go to download the movie. But when I click on the link I receive a message saying "Oops, toyr download failed, sorry the file could not be found". Is there any way you can help me resolve this matter because i only have a day or two before the link will be expire?

Name: Anthony
Answer num: 3
12/06/11 12:42:23

Yep, server problems here too - free downloads not downloading and streaming videos not playing. This problem has been going on for about two weeks. Needs urgent resolving.

Name: Thorne
Answer num: 4
13/06/11 11:02:36

Yet another day when I am unable to play any videos or download freeloads. The migration has been an absolute disaster from the customers' point of view. Moreover, when I have emailed you on this subject three times I have not got an answer to me email, let alone the same problem that affects other members. You give me no alternative but to CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION and go elsewhere in the hope you will sort your server problem out.

Name: Thorne