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Rimming and Bisexual Movie
16/10/11 09:39:00

Dear Kristen

I am a big fan of you eversince I was allowed to watch porn.  I am facinated by rimming and was hoping that you can have a special segment on rimming in your next video.


I know you produce only gay scenes, but what is the change of a bisexual scene if not a bisexual scene what is the change you appearing in one of you video's


Your fan



Name: Christo
Answer num: 1
17/10/11 08:31:45

Thank you. We actually do have rimming scenes in nearly every scene of each film. What do you mean by a special rimming segment?

As to your question about a bisexual scene, I'm afraid that I don't understand. Can you explain your question a bit more?

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
18/10/11 02:10:15

Dear Kristen Thank you for responding to my questions.

About the rimming issue.  In every dvd there is an extra option and then it give you a selection of photo galleries, cumshots ect.  I was hoping if there is a possibility that you can include a rimming section under your extra options.  If you can do this I would be most humbled.

Bisexual scene.  From all the dvd you produced I havent seen a dvd with a bisexual scene in it.  I am also aware that you cater for the gay community but is there a possibility to produce a bisexual scene in your next production.

I have a vintage dvd that you actively participate in the past, but it was many years in your early twenties.  I was hoping is there any possibilty that you might want to act in one of your own productions. 

Thanks, and thanks for all the brilliant stuff you produce.





Name: Christo
Answer num: 3
19/10/11 08:53:03

Thanks for your explanation, and I'm glad that you enjoy my videos.

It would be difficult to offer a rimming scene as a DVD extra because I think that most viewers expect it as a standard part of every scene, just like sucking or fucking. What would you think about a compilation DVD of just rimming?

As for the bisexual scene, that is quite risky. Our target market is gay, and many gay men are turned off by women. I'd be interested in hearing from other viewers about this subject to know their opinions.

At 54, I'm afraid I'm a bit too old to appear in videos... But thanks for the thought!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 4
19/10/11 15:16:13

Dear Kristen if you can compile a compilation of rimming scenes,  I think I would be in rimming heaven.  I would love that.    

I understand your concern about a bisexual scenes, but I think that it will also open a window for new viewers and cleints.  Currently the market for bisexual films / scenes in your league and quallity are so limited.  Please think about it.  

I am aware of your age, but in my opinion I think you are still smoking hot and hope to meet you someday.

If I may add another question to my list.  I am aware that you only shot films in the countries that your are comfortable in, but what is the chances that you might shoot a film in South Africa.  You can ask the guys from Belami productions they have done a few in South Africa or I can show you a few places.

Thanks for your responce

Your fan


Name: Christo
Answer num: 5
25/10/11 17:24:05

Actually, I have been to South Africa several times, and I've wanted to shoot a film there for many years. The problem has always been the difficulty in recruiting South African models. It's not that there aren't loads of incredible looking men in S.A., but it's extremely dificult to find really attractive ones who are willing to do porn. I have worked with a few... But there are far too few to cast a film.

Sexually, South African men are not hung up at all, but when it comes to doing it infront of cameras, I think they may still be too conservative. The problem isn't so much where to shoot, but whom.

Belami does shoot often in Capetown in winter. However, the entire cast is flown in from Eastern Europe. With this economy, I'm afraid that we can't afford such luxuries.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 6
26/10/11 08:08:07

Thanks for your response.

I agree with you rather film the guys thats willing and right for the film than just another porn actor.  I guess SA MEN  still needs to be liberated infront of the camera

Have fun, whenever you come to SA please inform you members.





Name: Christo
Answer num: 7
19/05/12 01:17:10

Ur. Correct. Don't change. The format keep it real manly

Name: poncho