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Andres de la Serna
18/10/11 01:56:33

Kristen: Any plans to feature Andres in future films? If so, will he bottom? Mike

Name: Mike
Answer num: 1
19/10/11 09:00:45

It's possible that Andres will appear in another video, and the last time I spoke to him, he did offer to bottom. But because of the present economy, we can no longer fly models from South America to Europe... Maybe we can work with Andres again the next time he visits Europe. He is actually a professional dancer and acrobat, and he often travels overseas for work.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
03/02/12 20:01:05

Hi kris I leave n l a California n I'm ready to take it easy I would love to work for u as a Calif base scout for u assisst u when u need help I have a pass port and have traveled I have many great looking friends and dancers. Escorts etc some can travel some can't. Visa problems some are very welled endowed tops versatel some r bottoms how can we getogether n. Compare notes Frank

Name: frank