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The Mendez twins
09/01/12 08:22:25

Hi, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Caribbean Heat, especially the sequence entitled `Bananas` ! The Mendez twins are just so cute and so hot, especially those bulges in their tiny shorts. Did they make any other movies? Do you perhaps have any outtakes that could be issued? Can you recommend any other of your movies that feature hard cocks in stretch briefs or jocks/ I have Under The Big Top and LOVE that part with the tent-polling tights!! Great site by the way Trev

Name: Trevor Collins
Answer num: 1
17/01/12 14:15:01

Thanks Trevor. The Mendez twins never made another film aside from Caribbean Beat. Unfortuanately there are no outtakes or behind the scenes from that film; we didn't do that in those days.

As for shorts or tights, I'm sure that there are numerous films which feature that. The ones that I can think of off hand are the swimming pool scene in Costa Brava, or the cyclist scene in The Isle Of Men.

Of course you should check out scene 1 of Exclusive Premieres, with the rock cliimbers in lycra shorts... That should be right up your ally!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
27/01/12 19:04:06

Thanks Kristen. I have Costa Brava already which is so hot ! That scene with the guy coming out of the sea rock hard blows me way!I`ll check out IsleOf men and Exclusive Premieres.

Name: Trevor