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Can't play downloaded videos
21/02/12 11:37:32

I tried to contact webmasters four days ago but could not get a reply. When I try to play a downloaded video, an error message appears: consumer '(username)' not found for client 0000934718-0. I own a pc running windows 7.

Name: Alex
Answer num: 1
22/02/12 12:18:47

Please write to the webmaster at, and copy me at

I did ask you to do this several days ago. You need to copy me on the e-mail you send the webmaster, otherwise I can't follow up on it. The webmaster will need to ask you some questions.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
03/07/12 00:45:29

after i downloaded videos, i can't play it, even i key in the username and password. It display "customer cannot be found". So everytime when i would like to play KB movie, i must online?

Name: harman123