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Casting Couch #71
08/03/12 04:03:56

I was disappointed that even though the photo gallery showed both stars bottoming, in the video only one (rafael, I believe and not Naldo) did so.

Name: ckc
Answer num: 1
09/03/12 16:44:00

Actually, you're the first person to have noticed that! I suspect that what happened was that Rafael tried to top, but was unable to for more than a moment. However, photos were taken, but there wasn't enough video footage.

The CASTING COUCH videos really are casting tests. This was Nando first (and last) time doing porn. Things don't always go the way we plan them go, particularly when working in casting tests with novices. But usually, when a particular position doesn't work out, we don't post photos of the attempt. In this case, somehow they slipped through.

Name: Kristen