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15/04/12 09:26:06

Hello Kristen.. You have throught all this years shooting so many scenes; was so many men.. and all were great scenes; diferent works.. my question is (a classical question to films directors): Which is (or are) a favourite fuck scene that you have already filmed?  that one which  stay in your memory- the fuck was awesome, the models were completly into each other,etc..; Maybe it is a dificult question, there are so many, but I am sure you have a favourite one (or ones..). Tell us..

By the chance: Have you already thinking about to write your memories on the set? I think you have a lot to say, and we would love that!!! think about!!

(E ai, sobre aquilo que conversamos?...)

Thanks Kristen




Name: Cellio
Answer num: 1
18/04/12 06:00:39

That actually is a difficult question to answer. I've been filming for over 20 years... There are scenes that were difficult to film due to many different factors, but they turned out very well in the end.

As for models really being into one another; that does help. But the best models are those who can perform well with wide variety of guys, and who are able to excite their co-stars in general.

One day, I might have enough free time to write my memoires... But at this time, my main focus is to keep the business running in these hard times.

Name: Kristen