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Whatever happened to Jadson Pirocao
17/04/12 02:03:54

I think he is hot! I was reading his interview and he said he was born in 1972. Which makes his 40 this year. I bet he is still hot! I would like to see what he is up to!

Name: Jadson Pirocao
Answer num: 1
17/04/12 14:30:04

I just want also say that by mistake I put Jadson Pirocao as MY name. Sorry. I also like to add, in reading the interview I especially like the part when he talks about seeing his family having hard-ons. I don't mean to sound peculiar. Also, Kristen says in Jadson's bio that he went to describe his family dick sizes in detail. I wish he would've elaborated. :) Again, I do not intend in coming off peculiar.

Name: Hector
Answer num: 2
18/04/12 06:38:55

I haven't seen Jadson since we filmed HOT TIMES IN LITTLE HAVANA. I really don't know what he is up to these days. But I'm sure that he and his 10-inch dick are keeping busy!

About what he said in his interview; in Brazil it's not unusual for men in the same family to see each others hard cocks, or to compare them.

Name: Kristen