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Pretao Grandao
19/04/12 03:20:45

I just saw the scene with Pretao Grandao. He is one of the hottest guys on your site. You wrote that he is difficult to work with. That is a shame because he is really sexy! Was he that much of a pain to work with? Just curious...

Name: Jay
Answer num: 1
19/04/12 15:40:15

Pretao was a typical macho, alfa-male. He wasn't really a bad guy on his own, but tended to intimidate his co-stars around to prove that he was the main man.

Among other boasts, he contantly bragged about his sexual conquests, which according to his stories, where always with blondes. In Brazil,that's quite an achivement. So, I asked him if he didn't ever have sex with other blacks. His reply was; ¨Sure, as long as they're not too black¨.

I then asked him what he meant by too black. He replied, ¨You know, the ones that are really, really black¨.

¨You mean, like you?¨ I asked him. To which he replied; ¨No... I'm not that black!¨

Name: Kristen