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Daniel Marvin
13/06/12 04:28:33

I'm a huge fan of Daniel Marvin - Does he still work for Kristen Bjorn?  Whereabouts is he these days?

Also, where can I write to him to get an autograph?  In fact, how do I get autographs of these gorgeous Kristen Bjorn models?

Name: kbfan
Answer num: 1
15/06/12 07:06:37

As far as I know, Daniel retired from porn a couple of years ago and no longer makes films for anyone. I believe that he is still living in his home, town Buenos Aires, but I have lost contact with him.

Since the actors tend to move a lot and change e-mail addresses frequently, it's difficult to stay in contact with them, much less get an autograph from them.

I would suggest searching for those who interest you most on Facebook or on the Google search.

Name: Kristen