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Jake Genesis
04/08/12 07:27:55

I certainly had to notice that you removed Carlos Montenegro's photo as your Featured Model

and replaced it with Jake Genesis's photo.  Love Carlos but I think Jake is the hottest new man in porn these days and that vid that he shot for you was scorching.  He's the perfect Kristen Bjorn Man.  Lots of muscles, handsome face and versatile.  My favorite are muscle bottom

men and Jake bottoms like a pro and really loves it.  So, that gets my attention.  I'm hoping that now that you are featuring him that you bring him back again for some more vids.  I suggest a dp vid. 


Name: Herman
Answer num: 1
14/08/12 06:01:05

Although Carlos Montenegro will always be one of our most popular actors, we need to make way for the new. Rest assured that Jake Genesis will be seen in upcoming web scenes and EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE scenes here on

So far, Jake isn't open to doing DP. Perhaps if you write to him on the forum of his website, you can convince him to try it!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
15/08/12 07:50:27

Since I made the above post a couple of days ago, you uploaded another

vid of Jake and it was hotter than the first.  Cannot get enough of that

man. So hot and love it that he's versatile, but my preference is to see that

hot man on the bottom.  I'm emailing his website now.  It's prob too early for

DP but I see it in  his future.

Name: Herman
Answer num: 3
17/08/12 15:13:48

Well, if you give Jake enough encouragement, he just might be willing to be double fucked! I'd certainly love to see that too...

Name: Kristen