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Downloading Photos
21/03/13 07:01:40

I just joined KB today.  It took me a few minutes to get used to the navigation style. 

I soon found a scene I liked and downloaded some pictures.  Then,  I was no longer able to fully assess the location I was working on (no more than three pictures).  I tried some other scenes with other men and got the same response.

Is there a download limit of photos!  If so how many and how often can I dwonload ictures?

Name: taniwha
Answer num: 1
27/03/13 14:34:38

There is no limit to the number of photos which can be downloaded. In fact, there is a downloadable zip file link to download each photo shoot.

If there were suddenly only 3 photos per scene, it is probably because you were suddenly logged out. When you are not logged in, only 3 photos are visible. That can happen if you click the ¨back¨ arrow several times.

Try it again, and be sure that you are no logged out in when you download photos. If you have further problems, let me know. Or write to:

Name: Kristen