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14/07/13 12:26:22

I was very disappointed we only got 1 new video , as the second one 'worldofmen sc 5 was ours to download a few weeks ago ozdingo

Name: ozdingo
Answer num: 1
21/07/13 06:51:10

I will speak to the webmaster about it, since he is in charge of updates.

When you say ¨new video¨, are you referring to the to the weekly Movie Scenes with DRM, or the Download to Own scenes without DRM?

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
24/07/13 20:54:19

Dear Kristen

Thank you for replying to my querry,

What I am refering to is the adverties  2 oer week DRM last week we did get two videos

but one had been offered only a couple of weeks ago.

now this week there is only one video on offer 

Love your work and look forward to each new offering

best regrads  ozdingo

Name: Alan
Answer num: 3
29/07/13 21:30:54

dear Kristen,

All is good now many thanks

Alan -ozdingo

Name: ozdingo
Answer num: 4
31/07/13 07:02:09

Thanks for letting me know, Alan. The webmaster made a mistake...
We appreciate it when members tell us when there is a problem so that we can rectify it.

Name: Kristen