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My suggestions for the "making it" videos.
27/08/13 10:46:51

Here are some CONSTRUCTIVE tips on how I think the "making" it videos can be made better. First I will give an example of what my ideal behind the scenes looks like. Notice that the above movie is a "rough cut" of the filming of the scene itself with transition of the action. Notice that while the scene itself it being filmed there is a lot of interaction between the actors and director and the film crew. Notice how the above scene is very easy to jack off too. While the more recent videos in your "making it" section has gotten a little bit better, this was how your making video were in the past. Here is an example of the content of a FIVE MINUTE clip of a "making it" video. 1) The is a two minute portion of the actual making of the scene itself with actors interacting with director and crew. 2) Then there is two minute section where the model is being interviewed. 3) Then there is one minute of the actors eating. HOW CAN ANYONE JACK OFF TO THIS FIVE MINUTE SCENE?

Name: larryngu
Answer num: 1
30/08/13 08:16:35

Usually, the MAKIN' IT scenes are a combination of actual, unused footage, sexual interaction between the actors off camera, conversations with models while they are actually having sex, or during sex play, and cum shots.

Which is the 5 minute making it scene you described?

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
31/08/13 16:27:39

I admit I do have an unusual fetish where I enjoy watching the actors going through the motion of making the film and watching them interact with the film crew as they are going through the sex scene. Very very few porn producers cater to my taste. The vast majority of "behind the scenes "material of most porn producers is stuff that ends up on the cutting room floor. No disrespect but the whole movie of " Behind the Curtain " was like what describe.

Name: larryngu
Answer num: 3
31/08/13 16:37:48

I do understand most porn productions are on a extremely tight budget. Having one cameraman whose only job is to film "behind the scenes" material of the movie being made will inevitably increase the cost of production. I also understand that most people don't really "get into" behind the scenes stuff.

Name: larryngu
Answer num: 4
02/09/13 08:01:12

We made several documentaries many years ago with a extra cameraman hired only for that purpose. They were intented to be ¨serious¨ documentaries about the real experience of making a porn film. But, it was apparent that that wasn't really what people wanted to see.

The Makin' It videos in the member's area of this site are really quite different from the Behind the Curtain documentary shot many years ago. In Makin' It, while parts of the footage are out takes, much of it is off screen interaction (mostly sexual) between the models, candid conversations about sex with models between scenes, as well as photo sessions, and warm ups that the models perform before we begin shooting.

The behind the scenes videos are meant to be erotic, although they may not be exacty masterbation material for most people; it's a form of entertainment. I am curious to have more feedback from members about the Makin' It series of videos on the site. If members don't enjoy them, we can discontinue making them. We do need member's feedback to know what you like, and what you don't like in order to improve the site.

Name: Kristen