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Does the film crew ever have sex the models on the set?
31/08/13 04:02:11

Has any of the film crew you worked with ever given live real demonstrations of how to suck cock or kinky stuff like that? Some porn producers help themselves to the models. Have you, Kristen?

Name: larryngu
Answer num: 1
02/09/13 08:16:26

Both the crew and I try to keep a professional distance from the models. While we shoot, no sex is allowed off camera (even between models) in order to keep the sexual tension up for the actual filming. I can't expect my cast and crew to follow these rules if I don't do so myself.

I often mimic the motions of a position or sex act to explain what I want without actually doing it in order to explain what I want. Or, if something really needs to be demonstrated (like deep thoating), I will ask another model to demonstrate it.

I don't think that it's possible to film and direct high quality scenes, and participate in a sex party at the same time.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
26/10/13 17:30:31

Keeping it professional!  Impressive.  Top shelf producer.  

Name: Vince