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What was your most successful film , monetarily, to date?
02/09/13 05:52:49

1)As director, which is your most successful film to date? 2) What is the average amount of $$ that goes into the production of one of your movies? 3) Which five models are all time fan favorites?

Name: larryngu
Answer num: 1
06/09/13 18:07:28

1) My most sucessfull film to date was my first hardcore film: Carnaval In Rio.

2) I've been directing films for 25 years, and things have changed over time. My first few films were shot low budget, with non-professional cameras, and no crew, over 3 days. Before between 2005 and 2008, q budget of $100,000 per film wasn't unusual for us. Each scene was shot over 5 days. After 2008, we had to learn to adapt to the crisis and the new economy.

3) It's a hard question for me to answer; we don't have accurate statistics. But my guess would be: Carlos Montenegro, Daniel Andreas, Pedro Marvin, Rocky De Oliveira, and Alexei Gromoff. Although they may not be so well know these days (who is?), in their day, they were giants!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
19/05/15 11:56:29

just passing by some old forum entries, and I totally agree with you on point 3). if I should list my favourite models, it would have been those five. do you know anything about them now? where they are, what they do, how their life is ... i guess it would be difficult to join them for a movie now, but in my dreams, indeed.

Name: neon