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Kristen Bjorn
27/10/13 12:16:17

Good Sunday, Kristen!

I believe I first became aware of you while on vacation in Amsterdam 21 years ago.  One of the bars showed non stop XXX film.  The one that sticks out for me is a handsome young white lad being impaled at both ends by two super endowed blacks with uncut cock.  I was completely mesmerized.  Perhaps I am incorrect, but I believe that may have been one of your early productions.

I am a 69 year-old "Daddy", in very good shape for my age.  I came out with my first partner 45 years ago, when being gay could even turn out dangerous for some in the U.S.  Older gay men do not get a lot of "action", because the world of gay is heavily focused on buff, hung beautiful young men.  If I want really good sex at my age, I hire a stud!  Most older gay men are in terrible shape because they do not take care of their bodies.  Worse, some are major "flamers". 

So, film such as yours is a very nice alternative and allows one to release all that pent up energy. 

Your models are truly magnificent.  As I mentioned in earlier comments, I am obsessed with uncut cock and you show a lot of that.  The uncut cock is, after all, the natural cock.  And those asses are beyond delicious.  Would love to taste them all!

I thank you for your productions.  They are done superbly, and the eye candy is mesmerizing!

Name: Vince
Answer num: 1
02/11/13 08:31:43

Thank you for the kind compliments, Vince. The film you saw 21 years ago sounds like ISLAND FEVER, which was my second hardcore film, shot in Brazil back in 1988.

Coming out 45 years ago was certainly a heroic, and possibly dangerous thing to do. Your generation made it much easier for following generations to accept their sexuality as a natural variation, instead of a mental disorder. Today, homosexuality has more acceptance in much of the world than it ever  had before in modern history. Thanks to you guys, young men can come out these days without trauma, and lead happier lives. It sounds like you were way ahead of your time, Vince!

Name: Kristen