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First Time, Scene 2
27/11/13 05:39:40

Dear Kristen,
I just watched "First Time, Scene 2".  Both men are superb, but Milos' ass is absolutely gorgeous (to say nothing of his entire physique!).  Since I am a huge fan of BB, I am often disappointed to watch man seed spilled rather than received orally or anally.  Yes, I am fully aware of all the negative commentary about bareback, but bareback is more exciting and erotic, to say nothing of the deep emotional/man on man spirit aspect.  And, bareback is the more natural, sexually.
Happy Holidays.

Name: Vincent
Answer num: 1
29/11/13 03:58:15

The condomless issue is one we have been struggling with. It seems to be what the viewers wants to see, yet there are few actors in Western Europe who are willing to do it. Even with prior testing for all STDs, they are concerned that they will be viewed as HIV+ if they perform bareback, and stigmatized.

In Eastern Europe, they have a different point of view on the matter. The actors there are also tested, but without the fear of social stigma.

Fortunately, you can see Milos performing condomless in the SEX MEN series, as well as in the latest LOVER'S LANE scene.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
24/12/13 17:54:45

Yes, Kristen. I am surprised that your scenes are increasingly more BB. I remembered back in the days when you were a champion and leader of condom use in porn, but 20 years later, a lot of major porn studios are also getting into the scene. I wonder since HIV is now a managable disease, that the stigma is reduced, and whether one can separate the fantasy of watching BB porn from actually doing it in real life. You say the viewers demand it, so I am sssuming it sells better, correct? In future projects, please see if you can find more ethnic diversity, ie blacks, arabs, asians, etc. Thanks and keep up the awesome work.

Name: a fan