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02/01/14 07:12:23

I am surprised that your scenes are increasingly more BB. I remembered back in the days when you were a champion and leader of condom use in porn, but 20 years later, a lot of major porn studios are also getting into the scene. I wonder since HIV is now a managable disease, that the stigma is reduced, and whether one can separate the fantasy of watching BB porn from actually doing it in real life. You say the viewers demand it, so I am sssuming it sells better, correct? In future projects, please see if you can find more ethnic diversity, ie blacks, arabs, asians, etc. Thanks and keep up the awesome work.

Name: a fan
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03/01/14 11:14:16

Due mostly to piracy, the gay porn industry is on the verge of collapse. I think many studios have started producing more bareback videos because that is what is mostly in demand. It's not a question of more profit, but one of survival as a business.

HIV is no longer the death sentance it once was, thanks to retrovirals, and attitudes have changed over the years. I have never taken a moral highground about barebacking as some did. I just never wanted to put people's lives at risk.

I have shot condomless scenes between real life couple since 2006. And there are ways to greatly reduce the risk by having all models who perform bareback tested for HIV and other STDs, just as they have been doing in the straight porn industry all these years.

As for Asians and Arabs; because of their strong family ties and conservative cultures, it's not easy to find many good models from those particular ethnic groups willing to shoot gay porn. But I have worked with some of them in the past, and I hope to continue working with goodlooking, well built men men of all races in the future.

Name: Kristen
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21/06/14 14:04:45

I like very much your BB scenes! I have never infringed copyrights because I have some IT security certifications that require me to respect codes of ethics. Nice job! Keep going!

Name: F0reskin