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MAKIN' IT (behind the scenes)
01/02/14 07:23:42

I'm curious to know how many members enjoy the the MAKIN' IT (behind the scenes) area of our site. The behind the scenes videos aren't exactly designed as masturbation material. They are recording of spontaneous happenings during production, which I hope will be entertaining to members.

If members aren't interested in the MAKIN' IT videos, we may decide to discontinue them. Please let me know what you think of them.

Name: Kristen Bjorn
Answer num: 1
01/02/14 19:28:17

Personally, I like the behind the scenes videos. It's hot knowing what goes on on the set, and how the models relate to each other.

Name: Jake
Answer num: 2
08/02/14 16:56:53

not into the photo session. the honest dialogue on the set and chemistry bw actors are enjoyable.

Name: a fan
Answer num: 3
08/03/14 12:05:47

Please keep up the good work. The Makin' It scenes are enjoyalble in their own right

Name: Hans
Answer num: 4
15/03/14 17:18:30

I'm fascinated by the production process and enjoy the videos of behind the scenes and the photo sessions. Thank you for sharing these with your fans.

Name: A Longtime Fan
Answer num: 5
20/04/14 13:35:43

love 'em

Name: msclkiss
Answer num: 6
20/06/14 19:20:45

I personally love seeing all those hot men being themselves.... 

Name: Phil