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08/02/14 05:02:27

you had partnered with Bel Ami models, which i thought was very successful. any thoughts of furthering such partnership.

Name: a fan
Answer num: 1
09/02/14 15:10:47

I would certainly be open to the idea, although there are very few studios who have exclusive models anymore.

The co-production with Belami, SEX CITY 1&2 was much more successful with Kristen Bjorn fans than it was with Belami's website members. They made lot of negative comments about it. So, unfortunately I don't think that Belami would want to do any further partnerships with us.

I have been collaborating with William Higgins studio in Prague for a year or so. We haven't done co-productions because our release schedules and markets are so different. But what what I find interesting is the mixture of Latin and Northern European models. 

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
11/02/14 18:23:27

Too bad. I am sorry it was not as well received with Balami folks. I find it distressing that we gays do our own discriminating even by whom we fantisize having sex with. I thoroughly enjoy your taste in men, who have varied backgrounds, races, cultures, age groups, etc. Your production is top notch, so don't compromise on quality.

Name: a fan