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what happened to hands free cum shots
13/03/14 07:30:49

Hi Bjorn. You had a lot of hands free cum shots in your earlier years, but I have not seen them lately. Any reason? BTW, you have the best double penetration scenes by far from any porn director. I can imagine the mechanics that go into those. Also, I would give the paring of Jake Genesis and Robin Sanchez a 10+. Too bad Jake retired. That pairing deserves to be in a feature movie. They were top notch stars and they were really into each other on top of the sex. Hope you get to star Marco Rubi in feature films, in light of his recent back surgery.

Name: a fan
Answer num: 1
14/03/14 09:33:49

Thanks for your feedback. I really wish that more members would post their likes and dislikes in the forum so I can keep abreast of what everyone wants.

I do ocassionally do hands-free cum shots in films, but some years ago there were complaints that the formula was too over used, and no longer a novelty. So now it's only done occasionally. What do you guys think?

We still do have a couple of unreleased scenes of Marco Rubi, one of which is condomless. They will be posted on the site sometime in the near future.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
18/03/14 03:11:17

I think the hands-free cum shots are cool. I just thought you have them jerk off, then let go as soon as they cum, then cut up all the footage post production. I'm not sure. But I like it. You know what I like and would want to see more of...big muscular hairy men getting fucked by young lean hairless men.

Name: Maz
Answer num: 3
17/10/16 10:48:15

I love handsfree as well, especially when it happens while being fucked.  That is ultra hot for me.

Name: Zick
Answer num: 4
13/04/20 12:00:20

Hands free cum shots are so hot.

Name: Spacemonkey