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DMR free downloads
14/03/14 06:33:48

Hi Kristen. I had thought your new approach of 3 free downloads per day was a godsent. It turns out to be a technical nightmare. In the past one has to download DRM version 3-4 times for a full scene download, as it cuts off unexpectedly midstream. Now with the 3 free ones, it counts each repeated failed download of the SAME scene as a separate download. I have been trying to download only one scene, but each time, it cuts me off mid stream, so I have to re-download and the system counts that as a separate download. After 3 tries, using up my 3 downloads, I still don't have the full scene. IF this is not fixed soon, I will have to cancel my membership. I have sent a request to WEB master, and await a resolution. Other web sites treat separate downloads of the same scene as one download, knowing that it might have to be re-download due to technical issues.

Name: a fan
Answer num: 1
15/03/14 07:16:43

Hi Charles,

I've seen your e-mail sent to our support team, in which you mention that in the past you also had problems downloading DRM protected videos. The issue is probably your internet connection. A slow internet connection takes a long time to download video files, and the connection often breaks during the download process.

I've contacted our programer to see if there is any way a failed download can avoid being counted as a sucessfull download. We will contact you directly, and let you know. We are trying to enhance our member's enjoyment of the site; not hinder it.

Since you have experienced download problems for some time, have you considered upgrading your internet connection? Internet costs have fallen greatly over the past couple of years, and you may be able to get a fiber-optic connection which is 10 times faster for the same price you are paying now, and avoid download interruptions.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
16/03/14 06:53:34

Members; our programer has configurered the DRM free downloads so that you may download (or attempt to download) the same 3 scenes you choose multiple times per day. I have tested it, and it is working. Hopefully, this will solve the problem with the faild downloads and the download limits per day.

We appreciate our member's imput to improve the website.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 3
26/04/14 16:55:23

Sorry, I can not agree - if it was made clear that only three downloads were available per day, I would not have joined. I do not enjoy streaming media and Flash is the worst piece of software in existence - it requires enormous amounts of computing resource and is full of bugs not to mention plain unstable. Allowing only three downloads a day is just not competitive - other sites allow either unlimited downloads or allow a generous allowance (e.g. 20gb). I will NOT be renewing my subscription unless this limit is removed. The only thing limits like this do (and DRM systems too for that matter) is punish (and put off) paying customers. Some of KB's videos urge the viewer to do the right thing and pay for the video - A little hypocritical when KB are not prepared to allow unrestricted downloading for paying customers (something that those who aren't paying won't be affected by).

Name: Steve