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I have a question for Kristen, but don't judge me
18/03/14 02:55:08

Ok, so I'm half Dominican and half white (American) and the model named Caio Amaral resembles my father's likeness a lot (He's from the D.R.) and I find myself jerking off to that ONE scene constantly. Please, don't judge me. It is a shame that Caio Amaral only did one scene. I read his profile and you said he was very sexually gifted and great to work with, but why only one scene? Did he quit or did you loose contact? I'm only asking because most of your models tend to do a few scenes before fading off. He's really hot.

Name: Maz
Answer num: 1
18/03/14 07:17:17

Caio actually did shoot a second video. But on the last day of production, there was a robbery in apartment in Rio. The footage from that video was stolen along with the cameras, and other equipment, and the video was lost forever. It wasn't long after that that I decided to leave Brazil, and I didn't have a chance to work with Caio again.

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
18/03/14 10:21:46

who was the other model? Do you still keep in contact with him?

Name: Maz
Answer num: 3
22/03/14 17:34:36

The other model was Reinaldo Madeiros. This was back in 1990, before cell phones, internet, facebook, etc. At that time, most of the models in Brazil didn't even have home telephones, so keeping in touch wasn't as easy as it is now. So, no I haven't been able to stay in touch with Caio. 

Name: Kristen