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All those countries you have been to...WOW!!
18/03/14 10:27:25

It seems you have traveled and lived in so many countries. What an exciting life! What was your favorite country to live in? And what was your favorite country to visit on holiday? What country would you like to live in? And what country have you never been to, but hope to visit one day? Also, have you ever been to New Zealand?

Name: Maz
Answer num: 1
21/03/14 05:51:19

I started travelling when I was sixteen, and when I was young, I wanted to see the whole world. I was fortunate to be able to live in the countries and cities I thought were best at the time, like Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Miami Beach, and Barcelona. All of those places were my favorite cities at the time. However, cities and countries change, and too often they take a turn for the worse at some point.

I like living in Europe, but I don't like cold weather; so Spain is where I prefer to live now. It's hard to say what other countries I'd like to live in, because visiting a country and living in it can be very different experiences.

I'd like to travel through South East Asia, Some islands in the Indian Ocean, and Polynesia, (I like the tropics) but I have never been.

I have been to New Zealand; it's very beautiful!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
02/09/14 15:24:32

I have to say that I love your videos because of the travel porn! I love seeing the locales that you visit, and for me it's almost as exciting as the gorgeous men.

Name: Pawel