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Circus-inspired casting couch themes
07/04/14 01:30:51

Naked trapeze artists in extreme positions with legs open as wide as possible. Maybe penetration when walking the tight rope, and other exciting erotic Man Sex moves.A bit of gymnastic double penetration wouldn`t come amiss, with The Kama Sutra for Men upstaged with the usual Kristen Bjorn ejaculation suspense....

Name: andrew Cluer
Answer num: 1
08/04/14 12:02:39

There are a couple of films you can see some gymnastics in; UNDER THE BIG TOP (a circus themed film), and LOVE ADDICTION. The latter has a tango scene with real gymnists / dancers.

As for Casting Couch, those video actually are screen tests we make with new or unknown models. Sometimes they have some unique abilities that we can try out. In Casting Couch 306, it turned out that Italo Gang was an actual gymnist, so we wanted to see what he could do. We've wanted to work with him again, but we haven't been able to co-ordinate dates so far.

Name: Kristen