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Scenes with foot fetish
25/04/14 10:08:09

Kristen, I have always loved your work and this site is awesome. I was wondering why your web videos, casting couch, etc don't have more video shots of men with some foot fetish activity? I know of at least two in Casting Couch but your earlier movies used to have at least one scene involving this activity. Also, can it be added to the search categories?

Name: JTS
Answer num: 1
26/04/14 04:53:31

Many people don't realize that the Casting Couch video really are casting tests. I guess that's because the standard of our casting tests in on par with what most internet porn has turned into. We are really trying to see if new or unknown models can fully perform in front of a camara. We need to see if they show up for the casting (many don't), and if they can suck, fuck, and cum... Many can't.

In our feature films we have more time for more detailed sex, which sometimes includes some foot play, although foot fetish has never been one of our main specialties. We will take into consideration adding feet to our list of search categories.

With the decline of the DVD, our web scenes (SEX MEN, REALITY PORN) are relatively new. We can add more foot play, if that is what our viewers want to see. Tell me, what kind of foot fetish activity would you like to see?

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
26/04/14 22:23:09

Kristen thank you for the explanation. Really, its not like I want to see an excessive amount. You always handled it tastefully like in Anchor Hotel, Hot Times in Little Havanna, Hungary for Men, etc.

Name: JTS