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28/04/14 04:12:33

The Secret Gift Chapter 7 showcases the skills of Christian Bjorn to perfection. It is real passion orchestrated with precision. I t generates enough sexual energy to strip the bark off a granite monument! A real "Eye Opener". These men are truly masters of their craft; A Show Stopper, once again

Name: Drew
Answer num: 1
01/05/14 05:39:44

Thank you for your compliments; I'm glad you liked it. THE SECRET GIFT was actually directed by Strongboli. He started off as my production assistant 10 years ago, and started directing several films for Sarava Productions a few years ago. 

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
03/05/14 15:50:23

Thanks for being a gentleman Kristen, and making these disclosures regarding your production assistant Stromboli. It is most apparent that "The Master Class" was of your making, however. Your Craft skills will continue to inspire others. but that is why you lead the field of Male film making so effectively....

Name: Drew