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15/05/14 08:14:27

Hair styles can add or detract from a male porn star`s image. Diego lauzen Rodrigues has a terrific range of facial expressions. His recent close crop accentuates his green and hazel eyes. It is enough for him to become the next Yul Brynner cult figure in his own right.He has the head for it ! Kristen, Male charisma is something that you clearly cultivate.Some men blossom, in male terms. Diego is one of these rare human beings, and probably only you can celebrate his very beautiful raw sexuality. He may have his own ideas,combined with your originality,and these could be very erotically startling, if he was shaved bald in front of camera...and other things followed...

Name: Drew
Answer num: 1
15/05/14 14:40:30

Diego actually does get a crew cut from time to time... You'd like to see him getting his head shaved? And what would come after that? What are your ideas?

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 2
16/05/14 03:44:11

The setting would be a barber shop with 360 degree mirrors The very butch-looking sexy young barber would be wearing a fetish outfit.He would commence by giving Diego a head massage, then slowly undress him to oil his complete body. He would then remove any body hair,(including pubic) shaving his bottom with a cut throat razor ! After a very sensuous head shave,in the barber`s chair, with plenty of close up shots showing Diego`s reactions to going completely bald, there is a photo session, with may be Diego modelling fetish gear, plus some skimpy underwear, by which time the barber is getting very worked up, so willingly submits to Diego`s very manly advances ; A very steamy sex session ensues, and sperm shoots all over the mirrors as a finale !

Name: Drew
Answer num: 3
16/05/14 04:44:45

Fantasies are sometimes easier to imagine than they are to perform. What this one would entail is the use of a real barber shop, as well as an actor who knows how to shave someone else with a straight razor like a professional barber. Both of these are difficult to come by. But I will keep it in mind!

Name: Kristen
Answer num: 4
16/05/14 07:13:17

"Friends don`t let friends have hair special effects edition" is worth your while viewing Kristen.Seeing Diego`s famous dragons emerge from a froth of shaving cream would be a show stopper..... Come to think of it Kristen, Diego probably couldn`t stop laughing.....He always comes across as being cheerful, and for that reason, it is easy to imagine actually being him. There is no difficulty with that fantasy, because your filming is always erotically-speaking,most fulfilling. Alot of thought goes into your themes, and your professional reply is appreciated.I am paticularly pleased that you haven`t dismissed this subject.

Name: Drew